Could You Use A FREE Website?

Could You Use A FREE Website?

We Don't Do Gimmicks.

We Don't Do Gimmicks.


Yes, this is real. We’re giving away our stellar website design as a means to help small businesses begin to experience the power of online marketing through search engine and local search optimization. We work with you to fit in your monthly marketing budget, and along with our standard pricing for our Maps Optimization, Local SEO or Nationwide SEO plans, we’ll DESIGN AND CREATE your next WordPress website absolutely FREE! That’s a value of up to $5000! (See details below…)

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Make A Great Impression

See, the one of the biggest challenges small business owners have tends to revolve around money. When it comes to online marketing and building an online presence in front of your potential customers, that is a problem, because people these days go online first to decide whether or not they want to take the next step with a business. They are looking at your website, the number and quality of your customer reviews, how you present your business and your services and more. So making a good and powerful first impression is not only critical, but takes place within just a few seconds, and if you are trying to save a couple of thousand dollars by creating the website yourself, you’re going to forego many good opportunities.

EdgeTech is here to help you get the quality website you need without having to cringe at the cost.

Make It More Than A Business Card

A second challenge that small business owners have is they build a website and then wonder where all the new leads are? After all, the website is up for everybody to see, right? Well, yes… sort of. They’ll see it – if you tell them about it, and that only goes so far. Local search optimization helps your website start to actually work FOR you, so people can find your wonderful website and learn all about you BEFORE they even contact you. Then, with all of this captivating information, they call you out of the blue asking how they can get started!

That’s the power of online marketing. Every small business needs it, but most don’t have it. 

With our Free Website Offer, you can get the quality website with the latest design AND begin marketing to local prospective customers, all within 30 days of getting started.


Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Easy As 1, 2, 3.

step 1

First, choose between one of three options available for monthly website visibility growth:

  1. Local Maps & Business Citation Optimization
  2. Local-Focus Website Search Engine Optimization
  3. Nationwide Website Search Engine Optimization

Second, tell us some key important details about your new website design (or redesign) such as:

  • What type of website you need built
  • What you envision the site looking like
  • The main way this site will best serve your business
step 2
step 3

Subscribe to your new monthly marketing plan for 12 months, which will include:

  • Monthly analytics and reporting
  • Targeted keyword research
  • Ranking optimization efforts determined by your plan

Ready To Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?

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